New Season…new goals

Hi Dimplans, In an effort to create a better season and more success in 2016, some of my golf buddies have been asking lots of swing questions. Most of these guys are scratch or better players and are always looking to improve their games. Is the key to improving finding that new swing position or... Continue Reading →



Hi Dimplans, BTD has been in hiatus for far too long. Truth be told, I bought a house and I have completely neglected the world of Dimplans.¬†Tonight I felt compelled to bring you a fresh blog. Not your usual, garbage. I want to discuss two topics that may affect your golf in years to... Continue Reading →

Episode 30-Masters Mania

Welcome back Dimplans! After our long layoff, Cam and I get right into the thick of things and discuss all things Augusta and why we love it so much. Download here or stream here.     Download to hear our thoughts on the tournament, picks and drama that could unfold. This is the greatest week... Continue Reading →

The Best Golf Tip Ever

Hi Dimplans, Thank you for checking in again and being part of the community we are building. Be sure to get us on Facebook (Beyond the Dimple) and Twitter (@beyondthedimple) to join in all the action throughout the week. Stream here or download here. Cam took the week off again somewhere in Mexico! I called... Continue Reading →

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