Hi Dimplans,


BTD has been in hiatus for far too long. Truth be told, I bought a house and I have completely neglected the world of Dimplans. Tonight I felt compelled to bring you a fresh blog. Not your usual, golf.com garbage. I want to discuss two topics that may affect your golf in years to come.


On the business side, Taylor Made’s downward spiral seems to be out of control. Rumblings that Adidas may split from it’s long-time money-happy girlfriend. There’s no secret Adidas is the stronger brand of the two and that Taylor Made’s R1 driver was a huge bow to the company. The lack of success of this driver was uniquely pitiful and cost the company almost an insurmountable mountain to climb. A couple weeks ago, there were reports that Jason Day, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson were looking to other companies for their clothing deals. That would be a severe blow to the core of TMAG.


This year, a lot has been said about kids in sport and the benefits of activity in sport at a young age. I seem to have noticed a lot more campaigns promoting the theory that kids not only live a healthier lifestyle, but also benefit from a plethora of mental health advantages. The x-factor of course is the parents. Crazy parents pushing their children to partake in their desired sport year-round is nothing short of obscene. Recently I posted a link on twitter @beyondthedimple discussing this very topic. Go have a read here. Balance is the essence of a happy life. Teach this to your kids at a young age and watch them live a healthy happy life before your eyes. When I was young, I had hockey season and golf season. Each of which I grew increasingly excited to participate in at the rear end of the preceding season. I couldn’t wait to get to the golf course in the spring, I had waited so long to play.

For 2016 do yourself and your entourage a favour. Live in balance, not excessiveness and don’t buy any TMAG products.

Happy Holidays, see you in 2016.



“keep your head up and your hands down”



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