New Season…new goals

Goal SettingHi Dimplans,

In an effort to create a better season and more success in 2016, some of my golf buddies have been asking lots of swing questions.

Most of these guys are scratch or better players and are always looking to improve their games. Is the key to improving finding that new swing position or “re-vamping” the swing all together? It’s funny how human nature compels us to keep improving yet makes the mountain so high with so many hazards.

I guess when you sit there and read about how Scratch players are looking to improve, you may ask yourself, why in the world are they complaining about their game? You could ask yourself the same question about every business in the world. If they are a multi-billion dollar company, why are they looking to increase their business?

It comes back to your goals. What goals have you set for yourself this year? What score do you want to shoot or what handicap are you looking to achieve? Do we need goals? Do we need to have the all elusive carrot dangle in front of us? Years ago, I was connected in the teaching world in Canada’s biggest city and I had access to some of the top athletes in their respective sports. MLB, NHL and NBA. I often thought, if only I could have the Chance to work with them, I could make them so good. The reality is these guys/gals are professional athletes, golf is an escape of the rituals and practice regimens, etc. They are out there to beat the pants off their buddies and that is enough for them.

Back to the real-world, first, assess what you play golf for and what you want to get out of it. If you are dedicating yourself to a whole brand new swing, you will not do it on your own. Find a teacher and spend a lot of time and money practicing. Your work- ethic needs to match your goals. Plain and simple. If your goals are to be more consistent in order to better your handicap, find better players to play with, watch what they do and learn. THe way they get around a golf course and where they try to hit the shots and what clubs they use of which tees, etc.

I can’t tell you what you have to do because I don’t know what you are willing to put into it. Make that your first question. How hard am I willing to work and does that match my goals.

Cold hard truth from BTD.

Have a great week.


“Keep your head up and your hands down”



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