About Paul

As a curious teenager, I approached my neighbour chipping in his backyard. I wondered what he was up to, 20 years later, I have retired from a fulfilling golf career that led me to becoming a digital entrepreneur. The best thing to happen to me during my pro golf career was meeting Heather, she’s the best putter I know.

No matter where I am or what I’m up to, golf is on my mind. I want to share my knowledge, insights and stories to entertain you but also help you grow as a player. It doesn’t matter if you play 5 times per year or 200, you’ll surely find something in here that will provoke some change for the better.

Paul’s Bio

-Proud East Coaster

-Golf tech geek

-15-year PGA member (retired)

-Worked at; #1 teaching facility in Canada, #3 Private club in USA, studied under Team Canada head coach, Titleist Canada, #1 Golf retailer in the world, best damn golf club in Summerside, PEI where I worked for the best damn pro the PGA of Canada will ever see.

-Animal lover

-Fly tyer

-Intermediate squash player

-Top 3 courses played: TPC Sawgrass, Glen Abbey, The National

-Favorite athletes: Josh Donaldson, Takeru Kobayashi, Rickie Fowler

-Favourite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Kill Bill, Beverly Hills Ninja

– Fav quote: “keep you head up and your hands down”


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