Meet Coach Paul

Coach Paul is a no-nonsense cut-to-the-chase kinda guy with tons of teaching experience. He’s worked full-time as a teaching professional at Canada’s top learning facility alongside apprenticing under the best teaching pro in Canada. Paul also worked as a head fitter for major club manufacturer, he’s a total club geek and will talk to you about kick points, spin loft, and spin rates till he’s blue in the face.  He’s also read waaaayyyy too many 1970’s golf digests. Coach Paul was born out of a desire to improve his own game while reading about Tom Kite’s impact position, Jack Nicklaus’ speed, Arnie’s grip, and much more.

The pursuit of perfection will drive us all crazy, but it’s damn fun isn’t it

He started playing at 13 and turned pro at 19, then the madness begins. Playing every tournament he could enter, practicing until the sun set, and reading golf books is all in a day’s work.

Instead of going on about how awesome I am, how bout we discuss your game. My wife always tells me I have a “problem” with golf equipment. I am relentless in learning about the clubs, the technology and looking for angles to make my game better.

Let’s start with you telling me about your current setup. Leave me some details on what clubs you have, what bullfight you currently have and if you are satisfied with it. I’ll reach out to give you some pointers and if I can help you improve in 1 communication, maybe we’ll continue working together.