Episode 24 – Beat-down on the beach

Happy New Year Dimplans, Welcome back to my basement studio. We are gearing up for an amazing year and we are happy to be a part of it with you. You can stream the show here or download it on iTunes here.   With the begining of a new year comes new goals and a... Continue Reading →


Nick Taylor’s 700k smile

Hey Dimplans! Oh Canada! What a way to celebrate the weekend when you get to cash the biggest cheque of your life. This week Cam and I talk about how Canada claims its first PGA Tour win in many years. Download the podcast on iTunes or stream here. This ran the most of the show... Continue Reading →

Episode 21 Dustin, Tiger Nuff said

Hello Dimplans, On this week's podcast (stream here, download on iTunes here), Paul and Cam get a little heated in discussing the Dustin Johnson debacle and Tiger's future coach...maybe. It appears that Dustin Johnson continues to make the news. Today was released that he is filing a lawsuit which he says was a 3 million... Continue Reading →

Would you fire Ted Bishop?

How did this guy loose his job? By exposing the biggot he is. Just another "old boy" from the old boys club that doesn't know the rules of today's society. Stream this week's show here or download from iTunes. The hot topic for this week is the firing of PGA of America's Chief haunch. That's... Continue Reading →

Getting ready to buy?

This week Cam leaves us to go take care of business. I've invited my good pal Kris to come in and talk golf equipment to help guide the dimplans in making better buying decisions. The new gear season is coming up and we want to give you some insight on what to consider when looking... Continue Reading →


  As always, download on iTunes or stream here. This week Cam and I were compelled to talk about anything golf. I know that sounds a little strange but the idea of the PGA Tour season already begun is still a little strange to us. So we decided to freestyle a show on the things... Continue Reading →

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